D23 LEVEL UP! expo

I honestly was glad to be able to see it live, it was AMAZING! I was most hyped when they showed the new world! plus the new KH3 Union X…

Sea Salt Furs

Been awhile since I've last posted so Ill give a bit of an update of the recent events and mention events to come. First up is the fact my father…


Submit yours through my Instagram DMs and I will feature it here, so check in!   FEATURED: “It's like this... I'm really not happy about you messing with my memories. But...you…

~Sea Salt Furs!

~An unbreakable connection~


~Sea Salt Furs!


This is just a Blog about random topics, from Cyberbulling to Disney related news, to even personal life issues and how to deal with them.

By the way, me, as a furry, have encountered a lot of Issues with being myself around people, and I’m here to maybe give a bit of help to those wanting to be yourself without being bullied or harassed! (hopefully)